About Us

Starting in 2011 at our family garage in London, ALVA PC began its journey into the gaming industry by hosting its very own gaming competitions – two custom PC’s were built and the prize money for the tournament winner was £150; entry was £15 per gamer and food and drinks were also sold at the venue. We printed leaflets, posters and flyers to advertise our showing and promoted it for a month. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was our game of choice and we were confident that our event was going to be a success but we were very wrong. Our first attempt was a massive failure as nobody showed up – it was just us in a cold garage, two blank screened computers, stale food on a nearby table and a feeling of disappointment floating around in the air.

We spent the following week cracking our brains to understand how a month of promotion can end up being such a failure but then it dawned on us – our location was terrible and we did not target any demography when promoting the event. If we wanted this to work then we were going to have to take a bigger leap of faith. We started searching for professional venues and started promoting to our target audience, males aged ten to thirty. This time we promoted it for three months and twenty seven people showed up which is not many but we were ecstatic nevertheless. Our event was a success – and not because we made money because the truth is we actually made a huge loss, but because twenty seven people had a great experience on custom PC’s we built and an idea we created. Once we improved our venue search and promotional methods we were off to the races.

Fast forward one year to the fall of 2012, and we were having monthly gaming competitions with hundreds of individuals in attendance; the idea that started in our family garage was now bearing its fruit. Our gaming events began to attract some attention from local gaming stores who had great connections to electronic manufacturers, these gaming organisations saw the value of our monthly events and began to offer us in demand products at favourable prices, all we had to do was to promote their stores at our events. We travelled throughout the UK hosting gaming events and building relationships with local electronic stores and in the year 2013 we began to sell our brand new and sealed stock online.

2018 was the year ALVA PC became established and massively ramped up retail sales. Our proficiency with technology, genuine passion for gaming and lengthy history with reputable suppliers across the UK has allowed us to consistently undercut competition for the last three years. We have learned so much on eBay and continue to do so every day, but we feel it is time to build our own brand where we can build a network of gamers who consistently have access to products in high demand at low prices.